Kutipan dari buku “The Crisis of Western Civilization”:

No body should ever be pleased with absolute democracy: voting on anything. Do not be shocked at knowing that in AD 350 the nature of God decide on by a congress held under the chairmanship of Emperor Constantine, who used voting, to get the resolution that God is three and that Jesus was one of the three gods. Democracy is an attractive process, but surely a dangerous trap. Democracy, based on the majority of voting, does sometimes depend on only one voter’s opinion, which can overweigh the balance. One vote, only one vote, in a parliamentary session, can let a resolution pass or fail, sometimes on very decisive matter. If re-voting on the same issue takes place, according to the rules of western democracy, one vote, more or less, can change a minority to a majority . one voter can control the whole game, and the result of voting, amazingly enaough, is always labelled as “the people’s decision”.

(Diambil dari posting ustadz Zainuri H. Ibrahim (Abu Zaki) kepada milis INSISTS pada tanggal 12 Agustus 2008)


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